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Broke in L.A. (tips on survival)

Posted on November 12 2016

I ran across some pictures of my first couple of years in Los Angeles. Most of these pictures, I only had about $30-$150 to my name but I still managed to be happy. I worked at a bar on Hollywood Blvd. as a server and only lived off of tips. If you're in a similar situation, stay encouraged. There are a few tips below on how to manage life when everything is spiraling downward.
  1. Stay positive. Instead of looking at what you don't have, look at what you do have. It always helped me to pray and make plans for my future.
  2. Work hard at everything. Even though it may not be so fruitful right now, give your all in the areas that are creating income for you and areas that have the potential to create income for you.
  3. Surround yourself with other hustlers. This helped me the most. I always kept a close group of friends around me that were hustlers. This helped me so much because I could confide in these people and they could understand me because they were going through the same things.
  4. Create goals. We can't control everything. But we have the power to wish for the things we want and apply ourselves to make our wishes come true. Create goals when you have downtime. This will keep you hopeful and always pushing for something bigger and better.
For more in-depth and detailed ways to survive, I placed a list of things below for your viewing.
  1. Hungry? It's honestly cheaper to grocery shop and eat healthy at Trader Joe's. I used to get a bill of about $50-$60 rather than a bill of $150+ from their competitors. Dining out and about is expensive. Trust me, I know. I used to spend like $800 a month on dining out (when my funds got right). Right out ridiculous.
  2. Wanna have fun? We used to go to the beach a lot. Venice Beach has the culture and beauty that you need for a good time with friends. It's about a 45 minute drive from the city, but worth it. Rent bicycles for $8 an hour, bring your own booze and just enjoy the day.
  3. Need to be fashionable? Our store of choice was always "Eden Sky" on Melrose. It had the most trendy outfits and sale rack that would save my life every single time. I could get pieces for $10 and still look cute!
  4. Parking. Los Angeles will spend up your money just on parking. They're good at that! I used to spend $100-$200 a month on parking meters and parking garages! That doesn't include the tickets I had to pay because I got back to my depleted parking meter a few minutes late. That cost me $65 extra! Thank God for Uber. Unless you don't mind parking on back streets (which those signs are confusing and you still may get a ticket) and walking to your destination, Uber is fast and easy and cheap!
Good Luck! If you have questions that I can answer, let me know! U is kind, Chriss Zoe   [gallery ids="70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79" columns="5"]


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