How I Deal With Sour People

Let’s face it. Sometimes you have to deal with people who are just straight up rude, mean, hurtful, insulting or whatever else defines a negative attitude. I would rather write these people off and send them to hell on the first submarine out, but there are other ways to deal with them. Check out my suggestions below!
  1. Shrug it off. Chances are, they’re having a bad day. Be grateful that you aren’t in their position.
  2. Kindly let them know that they have offended you or displeased you with their attitude.  Give them more than one chance to get it right. You’re special and people have to figure you out. Be patient!
  3. If all else fails, let them know that their continued attitude is just disgusting and you would rather not carry on a dying relationship. From there on out, keep it cordial and respectful.
  4.  PRAY FOR THEM. The hardest and most ass backwards thing to do is pray for someone who is nasty to you. But guess what? As a faithful servant to God, we must love His people. What better way to discipline someone than sending them to the father for their punishment.
I hope this helps! U is kind, Chriss  

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