Our Sunday Potluck

Growing up I always wanted to have a husband who knew how to grill so that on Sundays we could eat, drink and be merry with our friends. Man, I'm lucky. Mell and I started our Sunday tradition about a month ago and never looked back. Yesterday, we bumped it up a notch and had a potluck with a few girlfriends of mine and their guys. It was successful and kicked off our week just right. Pics below. If you plan on having a potluck, here are a few tips that will help you be successful!
  1. Find out what everyone plans on bringing before they bring it! This will help you of course figure out what you should cook and provide as the host.
  2. Don't forget the disposable silverware, plates and cups. Trust me, you don't want to forget this. Since it's a casual Sunday kickback, it's perfectly fine and acceptable.
  3. Guys outside, Girls inside! Everyone is different, but naturally the women and men separate for things like this. Make sure there's entertainment for both parties and comfort for both parties. For example, make sure there's enough chairs for everyone.
Good Luck! U is kind, Chriss   P.S.- I'll get better at multi tasking and taking pics while hosting. Promise!   [gallery ids="114,116,117,119,120,121,123,124,126,129" type="square" columns="4"]

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